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Behind fences and locked gates, the Lake Norconian Club hotel sits proudly, locked up with no care or maintenance. Leaking roofs are allowing water to destroy the structure and the ceiling art within. Destruction through neglect.

The Lake Norconian Club Foundation was formed to preserve and protect the natural and historical resources of the Lake Norconian properties, increase awareness, and promote community involvement to support this preservation effort.

Our organization is confronted with the monumental challenge of preserving a magnificent jewel surrounded by a state correctional facility on one side, and a federal military weapons installation on the other. There is hope of preserving and protecting the Lake Norconian Club and the surrounding historical properties, but we need your help to fund this preservation effort.

At this time, the roof is leaking and destroying precious tapestries, painted ceiling art, fabulous tile accents, and floors made from stone and marble that was locally produced. Windows are, from time to time, allowed to remain open for the elements to further damage the interior.

Your support and help is needed to preserve this treasure!!

Through your membership, you will be notified of the progress and ways that you can help. You will be included in twice-yearly general membership meetings. We are also planning a bi-monthly newsletter with historical articles pertaining to the site and upcoming events. This newsletter will be both fascinating in terms of the history that helped to create this historical site (that is on the National Historic Registry), and how you can help during this crucial time in its history.

Thank you for interest and support,
LNCF Board of Directors

The Lake Norconian Club Foundation is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation


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